What we do

Here at In Flow, our aim is to improve quality of life, overall health and wellbeing for people and horses. We all slow down as we live longer, but that doesnt mean we have to stop doing the things we love. Struggling to work or perform like you used to, to do the things that you love, to play with your grandchildren? We're here to help.
Most people first come to us to help them with back pain, neck pain and headaches, but many choose to continue their care to maintain and continue improving their spinal health because of the invaluable range of health benefits that having a healthy spine brings!
The spine houses and protects our nervous system. The nervous system is what controls and coordinates ALL cells, tissues and organs of the body. With an enduring philosophy, evidence-based science and a constantly evolving art, we assess, guide and tailor Chiropractic care to you or your animals’ body to allow it to heal and perform the way it was made to. At In Flow, this is accomplished in a unique, professional and comfortable setting. From his work in California, Scotland and Dorset, Robin has come to realise that his best work is done when adjusting people in a vibrant, open-plan setting, often with more than one person in the room. In environments like these, Robin is best able to enter a state of flow; allowing you to receive the best possible care. Musicians, artists and sports people can likely relate to the feeling of being in flow.

When animals are most comfortable, the in flow state is most effectively tapped in to, so we come to you for horses as they usually don't fit comfortably onto a human chiropractic table. Please contact us for equine appointments.


We check and read the nervous system in front of us according to our extensive and continuing Chiropractic education. When we finds a part of the system that could work better, we use specific techniques tailored to each individual to adjust the body to help it to restore its structural and functional integrity. Ready to start working better? Book now for human appointments.


Dr. Robin Cassidy DC MSc BSc

Robin is a passionate Chiropractor for people and animal’s. His goal is to reconnect and restore optimal function of the person or animal’s’ body, allowing it to express health as it is naturally designed to do.

Why do people and animals need Chiropractic?

On a daily basis, living beings are exposed to physical, chemical and emotional stress that cumulatively and negatively affect our quality and experience of life. Robin’s style of Chiropractic is about empowering the body to remove the effects that these stresses have on our bodies which have the ability to self-regulate, self-heal and self-organise to appropriately respond and adapt to their environment. Chiropractic is all about empowering this system, helping the body to work at its full capacity, improving wellness and allowing it to reach its potential.

As for humans, so for animals: Chiropractic works in the same way for both people and animals of all shapes and sizes. Robin is a qualified professional for all species.

Timeline to Optimum Health

Health is the body’s constant inborn drive to meet and match the demands that we put on it, both internally and externally. The body has an amazing innate recuperative power that operates to keep us alive and well. When we cut our skin, the body automatically works to heal and repair the damage and not because it has a bandage over it. Healing requires a well-functioning nervous system, adequate sleep, good nutrition and time. Chiropractic works by removing interference from the body and reconnecting it back to its incredible potential to self-regulate, heal and perform. Chiropractic is built on the understanding of the universal laws of physics and the power of nature. Now is always the most valuable time we have, Book Now to start your journey.