Our new patient experience includes 2 appointments which come as a package.

Initial consultation:
- Detailed health assessment to understand your medical history, lifestyle and the specifics of your case.
- ⁠1-1 consultation with one of our Doctors of Chiropractor who truly listens to you to understand your pain concerns & health goals.
- ⁠Comprehensive physical examination including posture analysis, spinal alignment check, mobility assessment, pelvic levelling tests, orthopaedic tests.
- ⁠Priority access to a local private x-ray facility with full written radiologist report (if required).
- ⁠Immediate feedback: initial observations, insights & education throughout the examination.
- ⁠Education on spinal health: Brief, informative session about spinal health & how it impacts overall wellbeing.

2nd appointment:
- Bespoke plan based on your exam findings, needs, goals & lifestyle.
- ⁠Clear expected outcomes & timeframes
- ⁠Q&A session: Ample time for you to ask questions & clarify doubts.
- ⁠Full hands on spinal alignment for immediate improvement & relief.
- ⁠Tailored guides, routines, videos and PDFs for you to access forever.
- ⁠Digital recordings of the key points of your case and what needs to happen for it to resolve.