Chiropractors are more like gardeners than plumbers

So what’s the connection between chiropractors, gardeners and plumbers?

Let’s take plumbers as our first example. When you have a problem with your plumbing that you cannot or do not which to solve by yourself because you don’t have the know-how or the tools, you hire a plumber to come and take a look. Your local plumber comes to your house, assess the situation and diagnoses the problem. He then tells you that he can fix the problem, how long it will take and how much it will cost. He then goes ahead and fixes the problem in the amount of time they said and bill you for the amount quoted. Job done, simple enough right?

Let’s say you wish to make your garden more beautiful and functional enough so that you can play football on it with your kids, so that nobody twists their ankles in the lumps or trips over a stubborn root. You’ve tried your fair share of gardening in the past, but your time is valuable and you just want a specialist to do a better job than you can, then you consult a local gardener. The gardener comes round to see the garden, discusses options and recommends that at first, he starts with 2-5 days of intensive gardening to get the now very large weeds out, remove any stones and roots, change the soil and plant some grass seeds and even some beautiful flowers in some flower beds. Then he recommends that you water the grass seeds and he comes to monitor and maintain them over the next few weeks until the grass is luscious and strong enough to play football on. At that stage, his job is not exactly finished, it never is. That is because gardens are organic, they are constantly growing, adapting and  are exposed to the elements, so they need a bit of care to keep them beautiful and functional. He gives you a few options and says if he comes once a week, the garden can be in optimal condition all the time. If he comes once a month, pretty good most of the time, every 3 months, not bad but there will be a few weeds and maybe a few wilting flowers, especially if you forget to water them like he recommends, or if a storm blows!

Similar to the gardener, the chiropractor is working with an organic system which is also constantly adapting, changing and is exposed to the elements (albeit different elements and stresses than just the weather). Like gardeners, if you have a specific problem that you’d like solved, we give you options and recommends, usually an intensive period of care at the beginning (especially if you’ve got severe symptoms) to get you feeling and functioning better, and then give you more options about how to keep it that way. In that respect, our jobs are never done either. Simply due to the organic and natural nature of our bodies, and the lives we live.

So yes, we help with specific problems, we give you time frames and quotes and we get to work. Our bread and butter is helping people and animals with back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, and we often reccomend maintenance or wellness care to keep you at your best and cultivating your spine
so you too can play football in the garden with your kids in your beautiful, well maintained garden.


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