Daily habits and movement creates improvment!

If you’re finding it difficult to incorporate movement and exercise into your daily routine, then these easy and fun tips may be really helpful. My best advice is to intentionally move your body daily for at least 30 minutes, whether that is a walk, run, pilates, you name it, if you enjoy it and it helps you feel alive, do it!

But if you are struggling to find time or motivation and are keen to get started, then here  are three awesome tips you can work on in the comfort of your own home as well as making great use of time! If you already have an exercise routine but want to do a little extra without taking any extra time out of your diary, keep reading!

If you made a list of everything you do in your day, you will see you do certain things exactly the same each day. For many of these tasks, it can be a perfect opportunity to double up and incorporate some intentional movement or exercise.

1. Squatting whilst you brush your teeth: Most of us brush our teeth daily, at least twice a day. We usually spend about 1-3 minutes each time doing it. So why not use this time to move your body and work some muscles?

– Squat – whilst brushing your teeth, sink down into a squat. You do this by stepping your feet shoulder-width apart with toes pointing slightly out. Drop your hips back as if sitting on a chair and hold. Brace your core muscles, squeeze your bum, and avoid slouching. If you are unsure if you are doing this right, use a chair or your toilet seat as a marker. Repeat this slowly, going 5 seconds down, 5 seconds hold, 5 seconds up, or challenge yourself – try and hold it for the length of time you are brushing your teeth! This is an all-round great exercise, particularly helpful to strengthen your core, lower back, and legs which will not only make you fitter and more toned, but also make you more resilient to back pain! Daily habits create compound effects over time!

2. Clench whilst you sit! We all know that sitting isn’t great for our body, but sometimes it can’t be helped so all of us sit at some point daily. So we may as well get those glutes firing! Whether you sit down to drive to work, sit on the bus, sit at a desk, or sit to watch netflix, this is a fantastic opportunity to fire those glute muscles and tone them up!

– Strengthen those glutes – Use the time whilst you are sitting to activate your glutes and wake them up. Squeeze your glutes, and then release. Squeeze, and release. Start at 10 repetitions, see how it feels and build up, challenge yourself to go more than yesterday! Our glutes are powerful muscles, so helping to strengthen them can assist to stabilise your hips and lower back region, as well as look great.

3. Stretch whilst you make a cuppa: How many times a day do you go to the kettle? And when you put the kettle on, how do you use your time? Well, here’s a stretch you could incorporate to help with your posture.

– Stretch those pecs – Most of us could benefit from opening up our chest and pectoral muscles more. These muscles are often tight due to being in a flexed position for long periods of time eg: sitting at a desk, watching TV, looking at our phones etc. So, in a doorway, or against an object such as a fridge, lift one arm up and place it vertically on the wall or object, with the elbow of your arm lower than your chest. Step forward so the door arm ends up being pushed behind the body, and rotate the upper body away from the wall so you can feel a stretch at the front of your chest. Hold it for 10-15 seconds, and release. Switch to the other side. And repeat as many times that feel good for you. This stretch is great to help open up your chest, reduce a rounded posture as well as taking some pressure off the shoulder joints and nerves that go into the arm.

The above tips may seem simple, but if done consistently, on a daily basis, they will start to make a real impact over time; making you fitter, stronger, toned, resliant and time efficient. If any of them cause discomfort whilst doing them, please stop and speak to your chiropractor for guidance at your next visit.

If you’re struggling and would like to some help, do book in: inflowchiro.com/booknow

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