Boost your employees health and wellbeing

Are you looking to do more to support your employees health and wellbeing? As well as build and sustain high employee morale; drive down your absenteeism; deliver effective recruitment and retention and improve productivity?

At In Flow we offer a Complementary Health and Wellbeing Day for businesses in Dorset. Helping businesses to support employees during these challenging times and importantly help them to begin to deal with such things as poor posture, aches, pains, headaches and migraines.  All of which can lead to poor performance and significant absence from the business.

Our Complementary Health and Wellbeing Day consists of:

  • Our ‘Optimise your natural potential’ talk
    Our ever popular, highly informative and slightly humorous talk highlighting the health risks associated with poor posture, and how our spine affects the capacity of our mental processing power.
  • A five-minute posture and spinal check for each employee
    This includes a ‘Posture and Body Balance Analysis’ using our digital assessment as well as ‘Motion Palpation’ to assess joint restriction and muscle spasm. In addition, our experts will discuss with each employee issues arising such as back, shoulder and neck pain, repetitive strain injury as well as desk, phone and laptop alignment.
  • Each employee will also receive a voucher to have a full examination at In Flow in Christchurch, with the fee reduced by 60%.

Our Health and Wellbeing Day has been welcomed and beneficial to staff in companies across Dorset. All we need to run the day is a meeting room, foyer, kitchen, canteen or reception room and your support in letting your employees know we are there.
 It’s also totally flexible, so you can choose to have it all or just have part of our day.  The talk can also be given over zoom.

We really hope you can see the benefits of our Health and Wellbeing Day.  Should you want to discuss this further please email

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