Health bank

How are you depositing into your health bank?

We all have a choice as to how we manage our health bank. We could choose to be poor, wealthy, frugal with our spending, or make regular savings and deposits.

What do we mean by this? If we were talking about money and finances, we are sure you would be doing everything yo can to improve the situation, so that when the time comes that you need the money, there is some there to use.

And with your health bank, let’s break it down into 3 categories.

1. Deposits – this is where you do healthy actions that build your health and wellbeing over time.
2. Savings – this is where you avoid doing bad health actions that will make you sick, therefore keeping your health.
3. Spending – this is where you neglect your health or do an action that will damage it.

You can’t go through life without spending, but you can only buy stuff if you have the money to do so. So, think about your health in a similar way.

If you want to enjoy treats of life, do activities that may harm your body like drink alcohol or play contact sports, then you need to make sure you are preceding that with healthy activities such as eating well, exercising and getting your adjustments.

The more activity you put into deposits the more you will be able to spend, and if you bank healthy habits more often than poor habits, you will build your savings enough so that the odd treat/binge and spending does not affect your health wealth in the long term.

So where to start? Here’s our Top Tips to accumulate health bank wealth:

1 – Deposits

– Move daily and exercise or walk 30 minutes per day
– Drink water regularly throughout the day
– Take 5/10 mins time out to relax and be silent each day
– Keep regular chiropractic adjustments to help your body function at its optimum

2 – Savings

– Make a ‘treat’ a treat.  Enjoy when you want but not often and only on an occasion

3 – Spending

– Make a conscious decision about poor health habits. If you want to eat something bad, sit with the thought for a while and if you really want it, go ahead and spend.
– Small amounts of spending can help us, like paying for food, we need to do so.  Exercise is a great example; in the short it is damaging for the body but in the long term makes us better.

So there you have it, our financial insight to your health bank.

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