Is my pain just in my head?

When chronic pain persists, you may start to question if it’s all in your head, especially if another healthcare provider has suggested it. However, in reality, the pain is often not imagined, and it’s simply a matter of uncovering the underlying cause. Chiropractic care is adept at identifying and addressing the root of the issue.


However, it’s worth noting that all pain is actually processed in the brain, regardless of the location in the body. When you experience pain, the nerve endings in that area send a message to your brain’s prefrontal cortex and homunculus, where it’s registered as pain. The homunculus is a fascinating part of the brain depicted as an upside-down man, with enlarged facial features, hands, and toes, which are where we have the most nerve endings.


Pain and temperature signals are indistinguishable to the brain. So when you touch a hot stove, the brain may perceive it as either pain or heat. That’s why applying heat, such as with a hot water bottle, can trick the brain into thinking the area is just hot and not painful, providing temporary relief.


Different parts of the body have varying numbers of nerve endings, which can impact how we perceive pain. For example, if you prick your finger with a needle, you know precisely where the pain is. But if you have back pain, it may be more challenging to pinpoint its location. However, regardless of how pain manifests, it is always registered in the brain.


If you’re experiencing pain and would like assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my team for help.


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