It’s time to replace toxic habits with healthy ones!

During the last few months there may have been times where you felt stressed, worried or even a bit of anxiety or despair about what is going on. It is common during these times that we begin to indulge in old behaviours and toxic stressors because it gives us security and comfort.

Stress is like fuel on a fire. It exacerbates existing problems and accelerates the ones brewing under the surface. So it’s really important not just for your mental health, but your physical health that we manage stress effectively.


Toxic stressors could be anything from high levels of caffeine, alcohol and sugar to perhaps a toxic relationship with social media and fear of missing out.


Whatever it may be for you, giving yourself time away from the toxic stressor will allow your body to heal and find its more natural setting.


Sometimes going cold turkey can lead to withdrawal symptoms and the potential to dip back to where you were before. Instead, why not replace the toxic stressor with another activity or item?


Here are some tips on how to swap the toxic for positive


– Kick the sugar habit: Munch on a handful of brazil nuts when the mid morning sugar cravings attack. The nuts will keep you satisfied for longer and no insulin spike.


– Social media Hygiene: Review your social media following and remove anyone that you don’t love, or a company, brand and activity that doesn’t inspire you.


– Covid-19 conversations (Are you sick and tired of talking about the implications of Coronavirus with every other person you meet or speak to?)

The next five people you see or speak to, try open the conversation with a different subject.


If you are looking for more ways to manage the effects that stress has on our bodies, please do book in to see me for a consultation:


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