Let’s get your spine straight!

Right, let’s talk about how you can straighten out your spine!


Today I would like to focus our attention on the foundation of our health; our spine!


Hippocrates said, “to find the true cause of dis-ease one must first look to the spine and human frame”.


What did he mean? The spine is the centrepiece of the body, it protects our spinal cord, the most important thing in us! The nervous system is responsible for every single cell, organ, tissue and muscle in the body! Nothing would work at all without the control of the brain and the messages it sends via our nervous system; your brain and spinal cord.


Here’s an example! Please wiggle your toes…


Simple right? But how did it actually happen? How did your body register the thought to do that, where did your body send the command to move the toes, how did the message get from the top (brain) to the bottom (toes)?


You see this beautifully simple example, highlights a wonderfully complex system in our spine, our nervous system. This is made up of our brain, spinal cord and all the branches that feed through small gaps in our spine. Without it, absolutely nothing would function.


So, let’s do it justice and help it to perform at its best. And how do we do that?


Simple, with just 3 steps!


  1. Movement


  1. Flexibility


  1. Stability


Here are my TOP 3 tips to improve your Spinal Health:




Movement is essential, motion is life, life is motion. Everything in you and in this universe works due to movement and at the very smallest level of vibration. The same is true for your spine and nervous system. Movement is essential to keep it alive and functioning at it’s best. So, remember this simple saying: “as the body moves, the brain grooves” or “motion is lotion.”


Move today and every day, even if it is just a 10-minute walk around the block. Do something to stimulate your spine and brain.




With movement comes overall flexibility. It is important that the whole spine moves evenly and freely, in a balanced manner. Otherwise, some areas will move too much (this can wear them out) and others not enough, and in line with the above, we know that is not good!


So, nice and easy, try this.


Split your body up into 3 parts:

  1. Your neck, 2. Your mid back (where the ribs are) and 3. Your lower back.

For each area, do these 6 simple movements, slowly 3 times.


  1. Look up (bend backwards)


  1. Look downwards (bend forwards)


  1. Look left (twist left)


  1. Look right (twist right)


  1. Take your left ear to left shoulder / run your left hand down your left leg


  1. Take your right ear to right shoulder / run your right hand down your right leg




Core strength is key; however, it is often done wrong and actually it is quite hard to do right…

So here is the easy way that cannot fail.


Force and hold your wee. Yes, you read that right, when you go the loo, play a little game. The muscles that help us wee also hold our core. So, force the wee out as hard as you can for a few seconds, then hold it for a few seconds and repeat, until all is gone!


Spine health doesn’t have to be hard work but it has to be done.


Give these three things a go and let me know how you get on.


Of course as always, if you are struggling with a health problem, a painful problem, or a posture problem, please don’t hesitate to book in for help. Just follow this link: inflowchiro.com/booknow or call us up on 01202 031030


Yours in health



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