Momentum is key

When our clients progress onto their second phase of care; this is really where we begin to ask the body to take ownership and become more aware of itself. As such we often slightly reduce the adjustment frequency to encourage it to do so.

At the same time there are some supplements clients look at taking to help support their body in taking that ownership. My top three being:

  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotics

Omega 3 – This is an ‘essential oil’ which mean your body does not make it but simply NEEDS it for survival. This is because every cell in your body has a wall around it made of Omega 3. If we don’t get enough or not a good enough quality, healing will be laborious and poor. Your long-term health, especially that of the brain is compromised.

Vitamin D – Even if you do go outside in the sun, we often cover up too much or put sun block on that will prevent us absorbing it. Vitamin D is essential to drive the replication and healing of every cell in the body and is vital in supporting bone health and longevity.

Probiotics – Yogurt drinks and alike do not work. They simply don’t have the correct or enough bacteria in them to do anything beneficial for us. We need to have good bacteria in our guts to be able to absorb all the good nutrition we have. These bacteria also form a large part of our body’s immune system. So, to make the most of your nutrition and fight off germs, probiotics are essential.

We do have to remember you can not supplement a bad diet, so be sure to have plenty of fresh vegetables, high quality omega 3 and reduce your sugar, wheat, and diary intake.

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