Movement is key

Movement is key!

When the body moves, the brain grooves! Movement is key for not only spine health but for all systems of your body.
It’s movement that gives us healthy joints, strong bones, physical strength, good circulation; including cardiovascular circulation, good coordination and reflex reactivity; improved learning skills and concentration, and mental well-being.

Movement is key

Without it we would deteriorate. In fact, excessive sitting is associated with 35 diseases and conditions such as back pain, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer and depression. Countries such as Australia and Canada have declared excessive sitting as a catastrophe.
Try to get at least 30 minutes of intentional exercise per day, whether that’s a walk with the dog or a home workout. A few exercises you could do include:

✅ Squat
✅ Jumping jacks
✅ Burpees
✅ Push ups (on your knees if needed)
✅ Running on the spot
✅ And dips on a chair

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