Put a spring back in your step!

Spring is upon us! The clocks have moved back and all of a sudden the days are longer and the sun’s kiss is warmer. After what may have seemed like a long winter for many of us, a sense of hope and positivity is in the air that we will be returning to some form of normality soon.

If you feel like a hedgehog that has been snuggled up in hibernation for slightly too long, and you are now contemplating opening up to the world, then hopefully this blog will be of some help.

So here are 3 tips to put a spring back in your step!

Sorting through last year’s clothes and wondering why they have shrunk?! You aren’t alone! If you have put on a couple kilos over the last year and are not quite feeling as vigourous as you used to, don’t punish yourself for it. Start today – It is never too late, so why not dig out those trainers and lace them up?! Whether for a brisk walk around the block, star jumps in your living room, or air squats, try and increase your exercise to wake your body up from the slumber. Doing this first thing in the morning is the best way to kickstart your energy levels! Ideally aim for at least 30 minutes of intentional exercise a day.

Sunny days are more common now! Allowing our skin to be exposed to sunlight helps our body create Vitamin D! This is essential for our bone health, immune system function, and helps to regulate our moods. It has been indicated that just 10 minutes a day is considered adequate, so step outside, absorb some rays, and allow your body to thrive.

Fasting?! But..But I love food! Me too. There are some important processes that our digestive system can only do when there is nothing in the tank. If our bodies are constantly digesting something, it never gets a chance to rest and just do some ‘housekeeping.’ These awesome processes start happening after about 12-18 hours with no calories – im afraid a cheeky snack interrupts the timer. It may sound hard on paper, but say you finish eating your dinner at 6:30pm, that means 18 hours from then is 12:30 the next day! And boom that’s 18 hours straight off, but you can start with 12 hours at the beginning and work your way up. I have been doing this at least once a week for a few months now and I can feel my body loves it when I give it a break, because I’m usually such a snacker, so my tummy was constantly on the go for literally years. Since starting this, my eczema has cleared up, I am less intolerant to diary and gluten and my energy is on the up, and when my energy is up I am more valuable to the people I serve. Drink lots of water (not fluids with calories like lucozade!) to keep that feeling of an empty tummy at bay and to help your body with the special processes it is now doing.

It can often feel overwhelming to get started, the hardest step is the first, but if you get day one done, and then the next, and the next, you start to create momentum and in a few weeks’ time you will not only feel the benefit, but see it too.

Here is to getting the Spring back in our step!

Best wishes, enjoy!



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