Reduce neck pain with these daily habits

Neck pain is a common problem that affects most of us at some point. While it can be short-lived, it can also cause long-term discomfort and lead to other issues.


The neck plays a crucial role in supporting our head, which weighs roughly as much as a bowling ball. With bones in the neck similar in size to a golf ball, ensuring that the neck is properly aligned and mobile is essential. Even a slight shift in the head’s position can increase pressure on the neck and muscles, causing pain and discomfort.


It’s no surprise that activities like reading or using a phone with your head down or sitting at a desk with your head forward can cause neck pain. Pain is our brain’s way of telling us that something is wrong. So it’s crucial to address the issue instead of ignoring it.


One simple way to alleviate neck pain is by keeping your head as close to your center of gravity as possible. This means aligning your ear to your shoulder and your shoulder to your hips and knees, which reduces tension in your neck and head. Though it may feel awkward initially, it can help with your posture.


In addition, you can also try stretches and move your neck regularly throughout the day. This means looking up and around as far as you comfortably can.


To summarize, here are a few tips to help reduce neck pain and take care of your spine:


Keep your ears in line with your shoulders and hips.

Check your desk set-up/sitting posture when working at a desk.

Try not to look down at your phones or books too often, bring them up to eye level.

Stretch and move your neck around throughout the day, and consider yoga.

If you need additional help, chiropractic care may be a great option for you. Our team is here to help you with any issues you may have.


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