Chiropractic for people

Chiropractic is based on the understanding that the body has a natural and effective ability to repair and regulate itself. Your body is constantly doing this and striving to be as healthy as it can be.

Your central nervous system is comprised of your brain and spinal cord. It is responsible for the control and function of every cell and organ in your body, including your rest, digest, and repair mechanisms. This is a delicate system, so we have a spinal column consisting of 33 bones, that protects it and allows us to move around.

At In Flow our focus is on the health of your spinal column. If it is misaligned it can disrupt how your nervous system functions and have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. This may lead to symptoms such as neck pain, back pain and discomfort which are your body’s warning signs to make changes to the way you live.

Chiropractic uses specific adjustments to help the spine function optimally, allowing your nervous system to communicate to the rest of your body without interference. This improves the effectiveness of your body’s natural self-repair and regulating systems as well as reducing painful symptoms. We call these disruptions to your nervous system ‘subluxations’ and it is the chiropractor’s job to analyse the spine and nervous system, find out where there is interference, and correct them.

Chiropractic for animals:

The objective of chiropractic for animals is the same as for people: Optimise the function and integrity of the spine and nervous system, so that the bodies’ natural rest, digest and repair systems are as effective as possible.

When this is achieved, not only does the pain and other symptoms most often stop, but overall wellbeing, performance and prevention of future injuries increases. The major differences between chiropractic for people and animals is simply anatomy and day to day activities.

Animals usually show us that they have symptoms or that something is not right by presenting us with resistance to being mounted or ridden. Altered performance; pain, stiffness or discomfort when being touched or moved.  They may even exhibit changes in posture and behaviour; bucking or rearing; pinning ears back, biting or snapping.

Posture Screening

Posture Screen is a digital application we use to take specific pictures of your posture.

Using the inbuilt software, we can accurately calculate how your posture is affecting the weight bearing load on your body, which may lead to instability as well as wear and tear.

Your chiropractor will review and repeat these pictures at regular intervals throughout your care to show you how your posture is improving.

Company and group events

As part of In Flow’s mission to inspire greater health in our community, we offer free health talks, spinal health screenings and wellness workshops to groups, companies, and events throughout our community. This can be done in person or on zoom.

For more information and booking please contact our Director of Chiropractic Robin on