Why is Good Posture Important

When you practise proper posture, you keep your bones and joints in alignment. This decreases the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces, reduces stress on the ligaments holding the spinal joints together and allows your muscles to work more efficiently. Good posture can also help prevent muscle strain, overuse disorders, and back and muscular pain.

Posture is the position of your body when you are standing or sitting. It describes how your spine is aligned with your head, shoulders, and hips.


There is no “perfect” posture, just as there are no perfect bodies. Good posture refers to having a neutral spine, where your muscle groups, joints, and ligaments are aligned in a way that reduces stress on them, keeps your body flexible, reduces fatigue, and helps support your balance.


If your posture is out of alignment, it can lead to:

  • muscle or joint strain
  • neck, head, or back pain
  • injury during exercise, work, or other activities

Bad or out-of-alignment posture is common. It can affect your appearance, self-confidence, and general well-being.


How to correct your posture

In order to solve postural problems, we need to improve the way that the joints of spine function and then allow a muscle memory to build naturally to this. This process, as with any other process involving muscle memory, requires time, repetition, and consistency. Here at In Flow we do this for you using regular spinal adjustments.


Is there a best type of posture?

The best or efficient type of posture has your spine in alignment with your head and your limbs.

From the side, it should look like a plumb line from your head would go through the middle of your ears and shoulders and just behind the centre of your knee and in front of the centre of your ankle.

It is what is meant by the phrase “standing up straight.”

Physically, proper spinal alignment means that your muscles and bones are in balance, protecting your body against injury or stresses that might cause degeneration of muscles or joints. It helps your body work more efficiently in keeping you upright against the force of gravity.

What are the benefits of better posture?


Posture is the way your body is positioned when you are standing, sitting, or lying down. Correct posture puts the least amount of strain on your muscles and joints.


Slouching, slumping, and other types of poor posture can cause muscle tension, as well as back pain, joint pain, and reduced circulation. Poor posture can even lead to breathing issues and fatigue.


The benefits of good include:


  • Improved balance.Having better balance not only lowers your risk of falls, but it can also improve your athletic ability.
  • Less back pain.Good posture puts less stress and tension on the disks and vertebra in your spine.
  • Lower risk of injury.Moving, standing, and sitting correctly reduces the strain on your muscles, joints, and ligaments.
  • Less fatigue.When your muscles are used more efficiently, it can help conserve your energy.
  • Fewer headaches.Poor posture can put extra strain on your neck, which can lead to tension headaches.
  • Improved breathing.Good posture allows your lungs to expand more fully, allowing you to breathe easier.
  • Better circulation.When your vital organs are not compressed by slouching, it can help your blood to flow more easily through your blood vessels and organs.

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