Suffering with Health Problems? 5 Things you can implement immediately to improve your health.

Everyone knows someone with health problems, whether that’s themselves or their loved ones. To increase resilience, as chiropractors we focus on analysing the nervous system and, when necessary, remove major and minor interferences caused by areas of the spine that aren’t moving as well as they should be.

However, many other factors can impact our health and our resilience to health problems.  Here are just five essential factors for you to implement today.

Movement is key

Exercise and physical activity are major players in health. If your body is not moving regularly then the joint receptors that feed your brain with information about your body position are not firing. This becomes a particular problem as we got older because we tend to move less.  Cross or lateral movements are best (moving opposite arm and leg at the same time) as those movements stimulate both sides of your brain.

Action – Aim for at least 45 minutes of physical activity per day. This can be broken down into 15-minute intervals and modified to suit your level of fitness.

Stay hydrated

The guidance for water consumption varies depending on where you look, but we suggest you aim for 2.5 litres of water daily which you drink throughout the day. This excludes tea, coffee, and flavoured water, and most definitely carbonated beverages and alcohol. Filtered water is best to remove any impurities from your tap water so your body does not have to filter and excrete these impurities.

Action – Purchase a jug water filter and water bottle. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day.

Get a good night sleep

Sleep is when your body has the chance to recover and heal at the fastest rate. You should aim for eight to nine hours of sleep every night. Reduced sleep is linked with a huge increased risk of many chronic health conditions.

Action – Plan your evening to ensure that you get at least 8-hours sleep a night.

Have a good diet

This is a broad one and there are many different thoughts in this area. But we consistently recommend fresh fruits and vegetables – organic where possible again removing any chemicals.

Artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and dairy products are out, as are heavily processed pre-packed ready meals that are laden with hidden sugar and chemicals.

Action – Commit to eating fresh organic and eliminating as much processed food as you can.

Change your environment

It can be hard to develop new habits unless the environment is right. Surround yourself with people who are thinking the same way as you as this makes it easier to adopt new habits and will help strengthen your resolve.

Change you routine and do things that make you happy or something that you have never previously had time for. Catch up with some reading, walking outdoors, playing a musical instrument, cooking and, particularly if you live alone, take time to speak to a friend or family member who you have not spoken to for a while.

Action – Schedule time in your diary to develop new routines that support your new habits and find an accountability partner to help keep you on track.

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And whilst you are here, have a look at more of our website where you’ll find lots more information on what Chiropractic care is all about as well as other free health resources, that are invaluable at whatever stage you or your loved ones may be in your journey towards better health.


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