Chiropractic Care

The importance of the Chiropractic care journey

You’ve made it through the first few months of chiropractic care and you are at a point when you feeling better. So should you continue with your adjustments?

Well the answer is ‘YES’. So let me explain the importance of continuing through this phase of care and how we are creating a ‘remodeling’ of how the brain and the body talk to each other.

You see the adjustments I do don’t just push the bones back into position, they stimulate awareness of body positions in the brain. Imagine just standing with nothing around you, looking at a nice view. What’s your body awareness like, are you aware of your feet on the floor, the wind on your neck, the small of your back or the distance between your shoulder blades? For most of us we are not aware of any of that, as such the subconscious part of your brain isn’t very aware either. Therefore, our potential to injure our body is increased, or more importantly our ability to use our body is reduced.

Building awareness

Now if I came up to you and poked you in the arm, you would suddenly have an awareness of that. If I poked you in the leg you would be aware of that area too. And the same is true of your chiropractic adjustments, however they are a lot more effective in the brain (think 1500% more). By adjusting your spine and nervous system, we wake up the communication pathway between your brain and your body, empowering the bodies’ inbuilt ability to take care of itself.”

Imagine the A338, Wessex Way. If there are any road works, roadblocks or accidents all the people traveling along that road will be affected. Not only them but everyone they were going to meet and do business with. If there are any misalignments in your spine, the brain simply doesn’t get the message through.

And here is my point, while it might not be causing pain right now, it will be reducing how well the body is working and if left can lead to injury and problems in the future but also won’t allow you to express the best version of you possible, and who wants that?

Continuing your Chiropractic care for long term benefits

Sticking with it is crucial to changing how the body works long term. It is the ‘reset’ phase, the ‘remodeling’ phase, the phase in the care plan where the body will make the biggest breakthroughs for long term health.

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