improve your Spinal Health

Improve your Spinal Health

Everything in you and in this universe works due to movement. The same is true for your spine and nervous system. Movement is essential to improve your spinal health, keeping it alive and functioning at it’s best. So, remember these simple sayings:

  • As the body moves, the brain grooves
  • Motion is lotion

Move in a balanced manner

It’s also important that the whole spine moves evenly and freely, in a balanced manner. Otherwise, some areas will move too much and others not enough. So, nice and easy, try this:

Split your body up into 3 parts:

  1. Your neck
  2. Your mid back (where the ribs are)
  3. Your lower back.

For each area, do these 6 simple movements, slowly 3 times.

  • Look up (bend backwards)
  • Look downwards (bend forwards)
  • Look left (twist left)
  • Look right (twist right)
  • Take your left ear to left shoulder / run your left hand down your left leg
  • Take your right ear to right shoulder / run your right hand down your right leg

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