Top 3 tips for people that work at a desk

Are you tired of your current desk setup, or are you experiencing back pain due to prolonged sitting at a desk (or dining table)?


You may have heard the saying, ‘sitting is the new smoking,’ which implies that sitting for extended periods of time can be just as harmful to your health as smoking. Unfortunately, I agree with this statement.


When we sit, it puts pressure on all the joints of the spine and can lead to improper movement over time, which can accelerate degenerative changes. However, brain changes can occur long before degenerative changes.


How does the spine affect the brain, you ask? The answer is simple: ‘as the body moves, the brain grooves.’ Your brain thrives on movement from the body, and signals travel up the nerves of your spine to keep your brain firing and functioning at its best.


But if the spine is not moving properly, fewer signals go to the brain, and over time, this can cause the brain to function more slowly and inefficiently.


So, what can you do about it?


Here are my top three tips for setting up your desk to protect your spine and brain:


  1. Take a break every 20 minutes

Sitting for long periods of time is not good for you, and unfortunately, there’s no special chair or stool that can fix it. The solution is simple: move every 20 minutes. This could be as simple as standing up, stretching, and sitting back down. It doesn’t require a long break or walk. By doing this, you can keep your brain working better than your colleagues.


  1. Adjust your screen position

The position of your computer screen can have a significant impact on the health of your neck and spine. If your screen is at or below eye level, it can cause stress on your neck and body. To ensure the best setup, position the computer screen above your eye level. To measure this, place the bottom of the screen at eye level, so you are looking slightly up while working, which can encourage better spinal alignment.


  1. Wear blue light reflective glasses

This last tip is separate from physical posture, but it’s essential to know that screens and tablets emit blue light, which can be damaging to the brain. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, it’s a good idea to get a pair of blue light reflective glasses. This will help reduce headaches and protect your brain in the long run.


It’s simple stuff, but think about how much time you spend at your computer. If you want to enjoy your time outside of work, it’s a good idea to take care of your spine now.


With love,


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