What do Chiropractors do when they get back pain?!

Yes, we are exposed to the stresses of life just like everyone else, we too get back pain from time to time! Today, I wanted to share with you an understanding of why I get a bad back and what I do to help myself when it happens.


Firstly, I pretty much work a manual labour job. I am on my feet all day, leveraging my body to give people of all shapes and sizes those sweet low back cracks, and that takes its toll!


One question that I get every day, is a resounding “how do I stop the pain”? However, as tempting as that is, long term, simply stopping the experience of pain doesn’t help anyone.


The question we need to ask ourselves when we hurt our back is “why did that happen?” or “what did I do?” Pain is not something that needs to be ‘killed’ it is simply a feedback mechanism from our body telling us to do something different, or to change our actions. It is to be learnt from, within all pain, there are lessons.


I got back pain last week, and what did I do? I got lazy! I have been honing my adjustment skills to be able to do them ergonomically for my small stature, I need to ensure my ‘adjusting posture’ is functional, not using a bent back for example.  Last week on the Monday I had a busy hour of adjusting and instead of setting up properly for a few low back adjustments, I let my technique slip and on one adjustment I felt my low back crack instead of my patients’! Low and behold when I got up from the dinner table that evening I almost froze, my back had ‘gone’.


Therefore, I have had the pleasant reminder from the universe not to get lazy, and that discipline pays off (or better yet, lack of discipline is painful!). I was reminded to be mindful of my back, something easy to forget when the going is good.


Ok, so now I have the pain and people still need their chiropractic care, what do I do?!


No.1  Make an appointment with my chiropractor.

I see my chiropractor once a week anyway, to keep myself firing on all cylinders, this week, I needed to bring my routine adjustment forward asap, and he advised me to come in a second time that week to build back some momentum. This allowed me to reset my body and start the healing process.


No.2 Increase the water.

Hydration is essential for healing. I drink a lot anyway but when my back goes, I give my body all the extra fluid it needs to heal effectively.


No.3 More vitamins.

I increase my dosage of two of my key supplements. I temporarily double my magnesium dose which helps to relax the muscles, and I quadruple my Omega 3 dose that helps with the inflammation and healing.


No.4 Movement.

I make sure I take regular walks, even if I have been on my feet all day, a walk along Boscombe over cliff in the morning and evening to keep my body in motion, get some fresh air and even some sunshine on my skin if I’m lucky. Movement is life, life is motion. Motion is lotion.


So, there you have it, my emergency guide to a bad back and what to do!

It has been a week since it ‘went’ and althought it is still grumbling a little, it is much better and certainly on the mend. Remember, healing is a process, and like all other processes, it requires time.

Need an adjustment? Book in with me online and we’ll get you moving and healing better: inflowchiro.com/booknow

Here’s a picture of my chiropractor, Filippo from Innate Wellness in Bournemouth adjusting me!

Filippo is the second best chiropractor in Dorset, and the best one west of the stour river! Here’s a link to his website: https://www.innatewellnessltd.com/

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Yours in health


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