What keeps Causing pain

What keeps causing pain?

Do you know what keeps causing pain in my back hurt and gives me headaches? Sitting far too long with crossed legs and drinking cider. I know, all I want to do is relax occasionally. But, sitting down and drinking cider is not what my body needs to relax, so it lets me know the way it knows best by giving me pain.

I want to share this with you now, as I know many of our clients will be feeling much better, but there may still be the odd thing that sets them back again!

Often when this happens, we are in a continuous pursuit to look for something else to help us: What exercises, stretches or supplements do we need to take or do to get rid of the problem?

I would contend this is not the right question. The better question is: “What keeps causing pain to happen and what can I avoid to really get on top of this?”

I remember Julie, I took care of her for months at my last job, feeling great and really thriving. However, she continued to get this irritation behind her shoulder blade. When I asked her this question, she was certain there was nothing causing it. I kept asking each visit until about another month down the line when she came in for her adjustment and said: “I know exactly what it is, and you won’t believe it.”

It turns out that every night before sleep she would curl up under her husband’s arm. This innocuous and lovely thing to do was in fact putting a specific strain on her shoulder that she didn’t always feel at the time but low and behold was the cause of her recurring issue.

Is there anything you are doing repetitively that may be aggravating your condition or slowing your progress? What can you adapt from today to help you on your healing journey?

Remember the only person who can get you better is you; we just remove roadblocks and clear up the traffic jams.

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