Where is the pain

Where is the pain?

Did you know that your brain doesn’t have any pain receptors, so it can’t feel pain?

So, where is the pain?

When we suffer from a headache, in most cases the pain comes from the nerves, tissues and blood vessels that live between our brain and skull.  Other causes include the muscles in your head, your jaw hinge, and even your teeth!

If you sit, stand and walk with good posture (regular adjustments can help with that!), eat a well balanced nutritional diet, and drink plenty of water, you can help limit your chances of developing a headache.
From there, you can start to narrow down if any particular habits or food types are causing your headaches. This can take some experimentation, as triggers vary from person to person, but keeping a journal of what you’ve eaten and done throughout the day can be a big help.
If you’d like to know more about keeping a headache journal, just ask us in practice! And whilst you are here, have a look at more of our website where you’ll find lots more information on what Chiropractic care is all about as well as other free health resources, that are invaluable at whatever stage you or your loved ones may be in your journey towards better health.

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