Why health requires time

This blog post is about the impact of time on our health. I came across a principle that states, “there is no process that does not require time,” which is something to consider when it comes to healing our bodies. Albert Einstein also said, “the only reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once,” which means that our body’s responses and healing processes take time and cannot happen instantly.


Our body is made up of over 32 trillion cells, and it’s constantly renewing and replacing them. When we cut our finger, for example, our body responds by removing the damaged cells and replacing them with new ones. This process typically takes a week. For our organs, it takes approximately 18 months for our cells to repair them. During this time, our body needs the right care and attention to support its growth and repair.


Clinically, time is relevant to chiropractic care in many ways. For example, if you wake up with severe back pain, it’s not due to something you did just the day before but has likely been developing over a long period of time. It’s important to listen to your body’s signals and make necessary changes before the problem becomes more severe.


Our health is our responsibility, and we can make positive or negative choices that will either add to or subtract from our “health balance sheet.” Consistently making negative choices will create negative health momentum and hinder our body’s ability to adapt and heal. On the other hand, making positive health choices will help to speed up the healing process and keep us at the top of our health.


At In Flow, we encourage our clients to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, drink water, and practice breathing techniques or meditation. It’s essential to keep up with positive health choices to maintain momentum and support our body’s healing process. While treating ourselves occasionally is fine, we should be mindful of overindulging and be consistent with positive health choices.

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