Why is our spine so important?

As a chiropractor, the spine is my absolute favorite thing. Not only is it a valuable and precious part of your body, it is arguably the most important. Here are some exciting facts as to why we should show appreciation for our spine, along with my top tips for maintaining a healthy one.


Why is our spine so important?


The Spinal Cord

It’s unfortunate that we often don’t realize how crucial our spine is until we reference spinal cord injuries. These can be catastrophic for someone because the spinal cord is the communication pathway for the entire body. Any dysfunction of the spinal cord can damage all functions of the body, from movement to digestion and even breathing. The most significant thing to appreciate about our spine is that it protects our spinal cord.


As the body moves, the brain grooves

Your brain controls every function in your body and is what keeps you alive. However, there is a symbiotic relationship between the brain and the body. The brain is kept active and alive through signals sent to it by the movement of the body. This movement message is registered in the spine. If the spine fails to move correctly, it stops the signals to the brain, potentially damaging the brain’s health. Keeping your spine healthy and mobile improves your brain.



Back pain is widespread, and most of us will experience it at some point in our lives. If you’ve had back pain, you know it can be all-consuming. It can affect everything you do. Back pain doesn’t happen overnight; it’s often a result of years of poor spine health and bad habits. Taking a proactive approach to avoid the debilitating nature of back pain is critical.


What can you do?


Here are my top three tips to show love to your spine:


Keep moving

Try to get up and stretch every 20 minutes and commit to two 10-minute walks per day.


Seek help

If you’re not seeing a chiropractor, consider doing so. They can help you get the essential movement back into your spine.


Learn about it

Understanding your spine is key. Have you attended one of our “Free spinal screening” workshops? They’re free whether you’re a member of In Flow or not. You can learn more about your spine and how to help yourself.

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