Why is resting an important part of Chiropractic Care?

I thought it would be a useful to explain one of the processes that we take very seriously at In Flow Chiropractic – that is RESTING.


The beginning of almost every appointment will start with a period of 10-15 minutes of what we call pre-resting. It’s important, as it enables your body to acclimatise to the environment in which you will receive your adjustment.

The In Flow vibrant environment

From our work in California, Scotland, and Dorset, we have come to realise that our best work is done, and you receive the best possible care, when our Chiropractor is able to enter a state of flow. As such we have created a vibrant and relaxing environment at In Flow through the creative and colourful look of our practice, through the music we play plus it being an open plan setting, often with more than one person in the room.

This is so important as to receive and hold a good adjustment, your spine must be at rest before and during the adjustment.  We will ask you to lie on the adjusting table face down with your arms hanging to the floor to rest your spinal muscles and fan out the vertebrae so they may be adjusted easily.

Post -resting

Once your spine has been adjusted, we will ask you to post-rest to allow your body to stabilise the adjustment. As your body has been in a misaligned position, often for a long time, your body will take time to ‘hold’ in the new correct position. One way we prolong this holding time is with this post-rest period.

Helping the body heal and recover

The resting process is something that, in modern day, we no longer have time for. Many people are sleep deprived and never take any time out of their day to rest and relax. This often leads them to being in a sympathetic dominant state. In this state, the body is not concerned with healing and regeneration, but survival alone. Resting gives people the chance to leave that heightened sympathetic mode and fall into a parasympathetic state where the body can start to heal and recover.

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